This Club was founded in April of 2004 in the Duluth/Superior Area.
 The Club is dedicated to Amateur Radio and Public Service in the community.
 This Website will undergo many changes in the near future and was put up in the mean time to announce the new club and to recruit new membership.
 If you are interested in more information about our organization please leave email:

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Updated Repeater Info

NSSR Event Pictures from 10/06/2011

Pictures of the Month

View from the deck. The Amateur Radio 147.135 NARC Knife River repeater antenna at the top...

The NSSR UHF Yagi pointed towards downtown Duluth

From the tower, an upwards view of the NSSR UHF Yagi and VHF Folded Dipole antennas.

View from top of the tower (50' mark) looking down at the NSSR antenna array
Scott KD0HRM wishes he could be up there in the view,
Maybe Next time Scott.

Pictures Compliments of Jeff KC0MKS

SEND me your pics to post here for the month,

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