More Updates!

Coordination in the works for the Soudan Site thanks to John K5PFF.

Last fall a 50 foot tower was installed at 1495 ft on the second highest hill in the area.

The controller is is almost completed for testing and as soon as the coordinating is finished

the rest can be completed to get it on the air.

The site will house a 100 watt GE MastrIII with battery and off the grid power to keep it up and running.

Partial coverage are can be seen at the URL below.

Thank You John.

More to come

Coordination has been approved for 2 new Sites linked to the 145.450.

The 147.135 plus shift pl 103.5 has been added to the system in Knife River at about 50' up on Windy Ridge,
this addition will enhance the north shore, south shore and Downtown Duluth areas along with the Park Point Rx site PL 114.8.

This part of the system is now linked on a lower antenna connected to the 145.450 via a crossband uhf link repeater,
you will now be heard on the 145.450 as well as you will hear those on the 145.450.
Thank You Jeff.

Also come spring we will be adding a 100' tower and a building about 3 miles north of Mahtowa, MN
which will house the 146.790 minus shift pl 103.5 repeater, a GE Master 3
this will enhance the Carlton County, down Hwy 23 and a small part of the NW corner of WI.

The link below will give you a look at the coverage the system will have once completed along with a 60' portable tower
and temp repeater we set up for use at the Wolftrack Classic Sled Dog Race that is included in the map.

Thanks to those that are involved with these projects.

A Tower Site has been found Thanks to KD0DZY Ted, Ground Elevation is 1450 in Solway Township,  85 ft of Rohn 45 and 30ft of Rohn 25, Total of 115 ft

Take a look here to see coverage -------->

 The Tower is in place and guyed, the RX antenna and 7/8 hard-line is installed. A second RX site has been acquired on Park Point  and will be set up in the months to come. The Building at the repeater site was moved in, a 6 x 6 building that was removed from an 18 ft long building on the property, front closed up with a door installed, floor added and it's own power was trenched in on labor day weekend.

The Repeater is on the air. It is a Motorola MSR-2000 110 watt continuous duty repeater, with Battery Backup, running about 80 watts to the antenna.
 For the weeks prior we had set up a simplex repeater thanks to KC0MKS on the same Rx antenna with great results by all those who participated in the testing.

It will be Cross Band Linked with an RX site on Park Point to give it some better coverage in those hard to get through places.
Controllers have been installed on the Repeater and Link Receiver, PL Encode/Decoder.
Frequency Coordination was completed and the repeater is on 145.450 minus split with a PL of 103.5 and the second Rx site with 114.8

A set of Sinclair Duplexers were Purchased, modified, and retuned for use.

Thank You all that have helped in the raising of the tower, ground help,and all, it was all greatly appreciated.

At the Park Point Site there has been an APRS digi (PRKPNT) installed with a 30 watt Motorola M100 and has filled in the hole of downtown Duluth greatly along with the capability to be switched to and alternate frequency for event use.

Pictures available Soon!

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